Since 1993, CHENNQ HOU CO., LTD. began manufacturing and selling bicycle related components. In past decades, CHC, as a well-experience and professional manufacturer in bicycle sales and production, we continuously provide our services, listen to customer's problems and provide suggestions and solutions to our customers in Europe and Asia. In 2011, with the objective to create more significant and wonderful cycling experiences, CRODER CYCLING was founded. Our mission is to make the product with both highest quality and most outstanding functions, so it will be more smoothly, speedy and exceeds your new materials to create new technologies by providing all types of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy wheels and parts. Every design is chosen for its performance gain, our R&D team always produce everything to be the best it can be. "Innovation" is our core manner to escalate our product value. With the most advanced material and technologies, the most strict quality standards and multi-functional design and development, we believe that we can produce very competitive products with outstanding performance and quality for customers and professional cyclists around the world, to be your trustworthy partner for every riders.