In highly intense downhill competitions, the road in each stage can present difficult challenges. This makes CROSTONE an indispensible partner for riders challenging the impossible. The CRODER engineering team used a brand new and laser technology to engrave a highly personalized and recognizable logo on the inside of the rim. The CROSTONE, with its improved design details, brand new MDH2 hub, wider rims, and strengthened 3X spoke pattern, makes it the best partner for downhill riders. This wheelset also provides the best strength, stability, and turning stiffness required for FR/DH geography and competition paths. The CROSTONE allows you to be prepared for competitions where every second counts.

When riding on complex and every changing mountain roads, mountain bikes must have strong structural design and great control sensitive for riders to respond to different road conditions. Having an outstanding mountain bike wheelset is crucial to improving overall performance. CRODER mountain bike wheelsets are design to have excellent performance on complex mountain road conditions. CRODER R&D team has continued to challenge different road conditions and to produce mountain bike wheelsets that can be used on all surfaces. You can find the most appropriate wheel among CRODER mountain bike wheel series that suites your challenge and experience CRODER carefully designed wheelset.






Rim material

Aluminum / Welded

Rim depth


Internal Rim Width


External Rim Width



Croder® MDH™ Hubset


Pillar® PSR TB 2018

Spoke pattern

Front-32 / Rear-32


11-Spped Shimano/SRAM XX1