Bottom Bracket (B.B.) has always been an essential component. A set of highly effective and smooth BB plays a key role in increasing pedaling performance and efficiency. Croder® designed BB series is of the highest quality, and covers most of the mainstream BB products on the market. This includes external BB, press-fit BB and twist-fit BB used on road bikes or mountain bikes, as well as BSA, ITA, BB86/92, BB30, PF30, BB right, and PF386 that conform to various bicycle frames. Croder® also corresponds to mainstream SHIMANO, SRAM or ROTOR cranksets on the market. Thus, you can choose either regular sealed bearing or ceramic bearing to match your pedaling habits. Our customers can find the perfect BB product that suites their needs among our Croder BB series.

Croder has also created many unbelievable and outstanding products, including bottom brackets. No matter if you ride a road bike or a mountain bike, Croder provides many high-quality B.B. parts with ceramic or steel bearings, improve your bike's performance.

All BB series products design by Croder are produced with high-precision full CNC machined to ensure that each set of BB product can improve the rider’s pedaling efficiency with their perfect quality. The Croder team has also integrated brand-new product technology and service advantages to improve the performance and competitiveness of our BBs, including:

  • Black-dyed ceramic bearings: the ceramic bearings use TPI ceramic balls and the outer ring of the bearing is made with high-quality steel that is dyed black with oxidizing agent. The outer ring of the bearing is dyed black because this creates a black oxide film on the surface of the ring, which can provide better protection against wear and rust. This film also has an anti-corrosion function that makes the bearing more durable.
  • Designed so that tools can be easily used: the BB outer casing is designed with angles made with CNC technology. This gives the user easier access with tools and provides better precision when installing our BB products.
  • Layered corner technology: Croder’s exclusive layered corner technology can effectively reduce friction and noise between the BB and the bicycle’s frame shell aluminum parts. The layered corner design also makes installation more convenient and faster.
  • One year warranty: we provide a one year warranty for damages that are not results of human factors. We will provide free factory bearing or BB exchange for items covered by the warranty.
  • Price advantage: our products not only have superior quality and characteristic advantage, CRODER BB products also have an outstanding price advantage. Compared to other brands, our products are reasonably priced in addition to having superior performance and characteristics. Thus, we provide a better choice for consumers.

Croder’s BB series is undoubtedly one of the best choices on the market for users looking for BB products. When you feel that pedaling has become difficult and unsmooth when riding, it might not be because you lack more training or need a higher-end gear system. Instead, you can try out a set of Croder BB to make yourself go faster.







PF386 (46mm)


24mm (SHIMANO)





30mm (ROTOR)