Every Croder® wheelset must pass over 1,500 kilometers road simulation testing. First, Croder® engineers finish the first sample of new series or models, we called "CTS" (Croder Test Sample). Then, the new model CTS will lock on the road simulation machine to test the different road situation, on-road and off-road. Croder® will press 120 kgs on a CTS wheel to roll and test over 20 hours (speed: 30km/hr), total distance will be 1,200 kilometers for every wheeslets (on-road & off-road). After 1,200 kilometers road simulation, the CTS wheelset must lock on a synthetic wheels testing machine to carry out bumpy road test, dancing test, wet condition breaking (road wheels) and braking temperature test (road carbon wheels), total 500 cycles. Croder® engineer team set a standard of strict testing for each wheelset, to ensure all Croder® wheelsets keep high-performance and high-quality before the wheelset selling to our client.