We love bicycles, and we love to exchange with people through our love of bicycles. By attracting more partners to join us, we hope to produce more products that conform to the needs of the public. Our designs, tests, and handmade production is geared toward giving customers and contestants that use our products a great experience and allow them to enjoy riding.

We have been implementing this simple concept since our parent company, CHENNQ HOU CO., LTD., was established in 1993 to produce bicycle parts. By using outsourcing and cooperative production, we are able to provide countless bicyclists with reasonably priced and high quality bicycle parts.



After 20 years of refinement and market experience, we know that that the only way to obtain the customers’ trust is to maintain stable and high quality. In 2011 we created the CRODER brand while adhering to the core concepts of “creative, revolutionary, and original bicycle products for riders.” This concept has enabled us to produce products loved and trusted by bicyclists.

To this date, we have a team composed of test riders who are passionate about challenges, professional product engineers, designers, and enthusiastic dealers. We have incorporated our belief into each one of products so that our customers can and riders can have a great "CRODER EXPERIENCE".